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Print all your photos with Linux, now with advanced features like: color management, cropping, easy layout control and much more...

Krokus is intended to be a fully functional equivalent of many printing software available on Windows. Its name is in honor of Polish enlargers which were used by many generations of photographers in Poland.

This application (initially) was a part of my thesis at Politechnika Świętokrzyska (University of Technology in Kielce, Poland), now I would like to share it with others and still develop it :)

Main functions:

  • developed in C++, using only OpenSource libraries
  • Support for popular graphics formats (jpg, tiff, png, gif) and 16bit tiffs
  • easy to use interface
  • customizable layout (based on table or not ;)), with the possibility to move, rotate and resize photos
  • Color management system (lcms)
  • all data stored in xml
  • basic photo editing: changes in sharpness, contrast, brightness, color, saturation, color balance, cropping
  • Automatic preset loading for viewing and / or print (Eg automatic sharpening of all photos)
  • Print a poster, with highliting of pages
  • Wizards: index of photos, a simple monthly and yearly calendar and poster which can be printed on a printer without borderless printing
  • the addition of short, one line notes, with the possibility of rotation and simple editions (the color, size, font)
  • Print support via external command, with remembering it, also it can be assigned to the default action of print button
  • editing using third party applications available from the menu (with the possibility of defining them in the settings)